A Busy Mind

While I was seated in a parking stall in the YMCA lot fiddling with my phone before my workout, an SUV began to turn the stall directly in front of me. A woman with several kids slowly turned her large vehicle only to crash into the side of the car in the adjacent slot. After checking for dents, the woman unloaded her kids to go into the gym.

Seeing me, the witness, she commented how great it is to have rubber bumpers. I told her she drove like me, as we both laughed. She added that being a mom can be a challenge because we have so many things on our minds.

While regularly being ribbed by my husband for the dings and dents I add to our less than year old van, the woman’s words resonated. As moms we do have so much on our minds.

How are our children? Is our marriage where it should be? What about school? Which kid is at which activity? Did the kids do their chores, homework, practice the piano? What’s for dinner? Did you pay the bill? What about my work deadline? Are the uniforms clean? Can you volunteer? Do I have time to go to the gym?

It’s enough to make anyone’s mind explode!

In addition to supporting and understanding each other, the path to a quieter mind is God. Our God is the god of order. Even for multitasking moms he has the course to help us live in the present moment…and it begins with personal prayer.

So if things are veering off course and you start tapping other cars, even with rubber bumpers, take that as a signal you need to spend some time renewing with the source.

Catholic Women’s Guide to Healthy Relationships Tip: The faster your mind moves, the more you need to carve out more time in prayer with God.

  • http://www.lynnkjones Executive Coach

    Quiet minds really are rubber bumpers for life! Thanks so much for making that connection.
    Dr. Lynn K. Jones, Certified Personal and Executive Coach

  • http://www.catholicwomensguide.com Christina M. Weber, MS

    Thanks, Lynn!