About Christina Weber

Like other women, I endlessly strive to achieve balance in my life.  I have too many passions to contain in a 24-hour period.  I constantly arm wrestle with God.  But I am grateful for God’s irony.

Being spiritually, emotionally and physically balanced has not come naturally for me, yet I have desired it greatly.  My relationships mean everything to me; they are what gets squeezed out when I am out of tune.  Consequently, through my effort, my openness to learning, and my submission to the fact that God has the answers not me, I have become quite good, but not perfect, at putting relationships first.  I am in love with the Roman Catholic Church and regularly astounded by her wisdom.  I take great pleasure in coaching and educating Catholic women to find a path to live a joyful, meaningful life by having phenomenal relationships with God and the people in their lives.I receive much of my love (as well as some major head-butting, too!) from my husband of 19 years, Joe, and from my beautiful children Ian, Gianna, and Benjamin.  I have spent the last 17 years of my professional life in my faith-based marriage and family therapy practice helping people heal and grow.

I recently transitioned into a supervisory role as I have recently hired two part-time therapists to work with me.  I am also transitioning to the coaching and information product business with the launching of the “Catholic Women’s Guide to Healthy Relationships”.

I invite you to walk with me.  I help Catholic women achieve the relationships they are yearning for.