Is This Worth Your Time?

Garage sale Several weeks ago I had my second garage sale in almost two decades.  After my first I swore them off.

Between the early birds knocking at my door at 6:45 am— completely overwhelmed and trying to get everything priced and ready to go— and sitting as a cashier on my driveway for two days, I concluded garage sales were for the birds and vowed to make  tax deductible donations with all my future junk.

But in the spirit of our recent Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University course (link) I decided to give the garage sale another try.  A friend tipped me off to advertising the sale for limited hours. My primary motivation was to unclutter, but the thought of earning several hundred dollars appealed.

Hopefully, my garage sale results won’t mirror my marketing success for my coaching / information product business.  We grossed a whopping $80, $40 of which went to pay for the advertisement and the permit.  Today the DAV Thrift Store truck drove off with an entire garage stall worth of the remainder of our merchandise.

Time is limited resource for biz moms.   Did I waste my time on the garage sale? Prudent business moms scrutinize each opportunity with the question, “Is this worth the time?” Read more—>

How Receiving the Eucharist Often Helps Your Business Be More Prosperous

Female customer in bookshop For some faithful Catholics, being financially successful clashes with Catholic spirituality. Somehow being called to serve the poor means being one of them.

To say that receiving the Eucharist often helps your business be more prosperous may come off as a sacrilege.

But is it so far out?

Receiving the Eucharist more frequently helps you do everything better. When we eat food, the food becomes part of us— it gives us energy, life. When we eat Christ, the reverse happens. We become part of Christ, become one with Him, become one body.

One in mind and body with Christ—powerful!

You harness that power when you appreciate what business is. Successful business owners listen, understand and empathize with their customers. They identify the needs or wants not currently being addressed. And they provide solutions that satisfy their needs and wants (and are in their best interests).

Don’t you think having a heart more like Christ’s would allow you to do that better? Christ could see past the spoken word or outward actions. He saw into the hearts of others. Wouldn’t that be a helpful business skill?

Receiving the Eucharist more often makes you more in tune with humanity. And being more in tune with the people you are trying to serve will keep your customers come back to you and even refer your business to others.

Here are some ways to become more Eucharistic in your business and personal life: Read more—>