More Recreation Time Boosts Your Profits (And Tips to Find Time for It)

Mom and son on vacation Breakthrough ideas don’t shower most entrepreneurs when sitting in front of their computers.   Inspiration hits like popcorn when in the woods hiking with the sun shimmering through leaves, running down a scenic path or painting a picture.

The Holy Spirit’s artistic flair flourishes most when you are childlike. When you are “being” rather than “doing”, God’s plan registers best.

You might be suspicious how these Kum Ba Yah moments boost profits, let alone how to find time experience them.

Having more recreation alone doesn’t grow cash flow. The magical smart work and high quality play does.

Your bank account combined with your overall life satisfaction signals if you’ve found the right mix. The buck stops with you as an entrepreneur.  Many employers don’t measure results.

But, entreprenuers must be effective with their time, not just show up and cross checklists.

You can’t show up brain dead to work on Monday after a non-stop weekend of kids’ activities and expect to perform.

So smart mompreneurs work and play with the right blueprint.  Here are tips to smart work and experience regular HQ (high quality) play:

1)     Determine a Set Work Schedule -(that you adjust weekly to accommodate family and personal commitments). Do work during work time and do personal activities during personal time.

2)     Define  Planned Tasks – List your key personal responsibilities and business activities—marketing, writing, product development, business plan, collaborations, etc. —and identify which time blocks you will complete them. This provides accountability so that all critical business and personal tasks get done, not just the ones you are comfortable or like doing.

3)     Follow Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, and Annual Planning Processes. Your work schedule and key business activities flow from your planning and goals.

4)     Schedule “Fun” and “Together” Time With Your Family and Friends. Your business naturally makes you more regimented. The busier you get, the more likely you won’t make this time if it is not on your calendar.

5)     Schedule 3-4 Hour Weekly Personal Personal Peak Date – Do something fun. Skipping “me time” makes you dull and fatigued instead of creative

6)     Read 20 Minutes a day. You expand your mind, which will spark new ideas and give you energy.

7)     Design Your Personal Routine with Breathing Room. Too tight schedules constrict the body and mind. Create a family calendar that gives everyone downtime.

8)     Master the Media You Consume. Devote effort to find quality reading, audio, or multimedia material for you and your family to consume. The right stuff revitalizes.

While these steps sound simple, mastering them gives you the creative, emotional, physical, sustainable energy that attracts business and gives you the life you love.

How do you find the time? Use your calendar to budget your time. What you put in your calendar you value and what you omit, you don’t. Prioritize each week when you schedule.

Catholic momprenuer Biz and Life Tip: Successful mom business owners know that balance lets you soar. Pick one of the tips to work smart to incorporate this week.

10 Easter Tips to Boost Your Biz and Personal Life

He is Risen Catholics celebrate Easter like Christmas.  On December 26th, we don’t dismantle the Christmas tree and store the decorations.  Easter begins (not ends) with Easter—after a hard-fought Lent.

Easter—the most sacred Church feast—with its message offers enduring wisdom for your personal and business life. Incorporate these top Easter tips for businesses:

1)     Kick the Poverty Mentality

Scarcity thinking kills your business results and joy. God always provides. We have time for what’s most important, but we must master time. With his rising from the dead, Jesus shattered the limited, non-eternal time paradigm.

2)     Laser-focus on Your Mission

Jesus fulfilled his well-defined mission in His 33 years on earth. You, too, with the Holy Spirit’s guidance can discover and complete your mission on your earthly watch.

3)     Guard Against Envy

The jealousy of the Jewish leaders illustrates how comparing destroys.    Extinguish the green monster and avoid people who nurse it.

4)     Punt the “Easy Way Out”

Many disciples found Christ’s sacrificial love model distasteful. Caring for family, biz, and you takes discipline. Embrace your cross like Christ did.

5)     Pour Yourself Out

Visualizing the blood and water flowing from Christ’s side represents how he gave everything to us. We must abandon ourselves to our mission.  Going at it half way creates suffering minus the satisfaction of achieving our goals.

6)     Accept Human Nature

Some people may respond to our success with encouragement, but others may withdraw or be intimidated.  Like the betrayed Jesus, we must forgive, while advancing with our mission.

7)     Cleave to the Loyal

Move away from those who discourage or impede God’s will and invest in the courageous supporters of Christ and advocates of building the kingdom like Our Blessed Mother, John, and Mary at the foot of the cross.

8)     Can Do Attitude

Christ showed He CAN overcome sin and death for humanity and was willing to walk through the steps and pain to get there.  When we unite our will with God’s, we CAN make the mom biz juggle work.

9)     Surrender to Something Bigger

Being good stewards of our worldly possessions creates the foundation for ourselves and our families to fulfill the work God wants for them in this world.  Even Christ was restricted by time and space limitations.  Having money and time to invest and spend with people can produce eternal results.

10)  Be Of the World, Not In the World

Sometimes it is hard for religious people to not compartmentalize their faith from their daily activities and needs.  God created the world with a certain order. Jesus came not to abolish the law, but fulfill it. As Eucharistic people God wants us to integrate in the world—in our business and personal matters—to let his light shine.

Orienting our business and personal activities towards a deeper spiritual end creates meaning and will propel us to more effectively do what Jesus asks of us, “Go into the entire world and preach the gospel to all creation.


The Catholic Mompreneur Biz and Life Tip:  Identify one Easter message you can refine for these 40 days of Easter in your business and personal life.

Be a Big Girl With Money

Beautiful young woman throwing mony into Secular solutions for women’s economic security include

  • having fewer kids through birth control and abortion,
  • offering dawn-to-dusk daycare for the ones you accidentally have,
  • and other after-the-fact band aids to moral dilemmas like government funding for food, housing, and healthcare to replace the need for the bum you had the kid with in the first place.

As Catholic biz moms, we know there’s a better way.

The Catholic solution for women’s economic security is simple: get and stay married and obey God in all things.

Faith, strong marriages, and economic security pass from one generation to another. Through our relationships with our spouses and love and attention to our kids we teach them the principles and habits that lead to financial security and relationship success.

But having an intact family does not guarantee fiscal discipline. Ignorance, resistance, poor communication, fear, and original sin can get in the way of being sober with money.

And putting on our mom-biz hat can help you even more be a big girl with money.

1)     Spending Plan – Just like in your business, make sure you have a monthly spending plan at home. This keeps everyone accountable and deliberate for the spending choices.

2)     Savings – Your spending plan, done properly, will allow you to put money away for regular savings, as well as irregular, but inevitable expenses like car repairs, medical expenses, etc. This helps you avoid financial crisis and debt. Building reserves in your business allows you to ride the low times and take advantage of opportunities as they come.

3)     Flexibility – The lifestyle needed to generate the money to fund your spending plan must offer flexibility to let you be there for those important family moments. Spending excessive time at work or home distracted with your kids minimally supervised turns over their spiritual and emotional formation to whatever person, video, or television program happens to be in front on them.

Financial security for business owners comes with following basic success principles. Catholic mom-biz owners know you don’t have to choose between financial security and living your vocation.

But you can’t put your head in the sand about financial realities.

Catholic Mompreneurs Biz and Life Tip: List what action steps you need to take to be a big girl with money.  

Christina Weber helps Catholic mompreneurs fully engage the power of their calling, earn more in less time, and get back to enjoying their families. To jumpstart your biz and life success, with her complimentary special report, “The Catholic Mompreneur’s Guide to 12 Things You Can Do Today To Earn More in Less Time,”  by clicking here.

Impatience Robs You of Your Dream Mom-Biz Lifestyle

BLD024528 People quit too easily.

They quit their businesses, their marriages, and their own self-improvement when things get uncomfortable.

People will enable you to surrender at the first sign of trouble.

Shaped by being permitted to quit piano, swimming, etc. rather than push through my struggles, I’ve become a stickler for perseverance. If my kids want to quit something, they need to demonstrate valid reasons why.

Gianna would complain every spring, the same time her coaches prepared her for the state competition.

She didn’t like the more serious gym atmosphere and the laser-focused skills feedback. Having the “Midas touch” in everything she did, Gianna didn’t like her imperfections exposed.

This stuff was hard!

Gianna’s shyness increased her discomfort. Months and even years on the team, she still didn’t know several girls’ names. Time intensified the awkwardness of her lack of social initiative.

I didn’t go for the proposals to quit, especially for a girl who cartwheels around our home and with pride demonstrates her new skills to her friends. In fact, I saw the opportunity to work through her trials as reasons for staying in gymnastics.

Acquiring social skills, being challenged, and learning healthy competition and perfectionism were well worth the resistance I got.

Gradually the complaints and quitting requests faded… without me noticing.

And then God gave me a glimpse into Gianna’s world.

My husband usually picks up Gianna from practice. He was working late, so I did.

I walked into the gym and turned the corner. Gianna was in the cove with a group of gymnastics teammates. Without inhibitions she talked, laughed, and smiled with the other girls.

Gianna, like a butterfly, came out of her cocoon. Joy flooded me along with gratitude for not letting Gianna quit. Perseverance forced her to work on her weaknesses, and now she was flying.

Are you tossing out the caterpillar in the cocoon in your business because you think it’s taking too long?

To become a butterfly, you must be patience in your business, including silencing the critics if necessary.

Consider if you are lacking patience in your business and with yourself:

1)     Skill-building takes time. – I can whip through business tasks today that would take me a half a day to complete at first. I can now blog, work with clients, plan, manage business finances, post on social media, take a course, and reach out to colleagues without having an anxiety attack.

2)     A Mom Biz is Unique – Don’t put yourself on the same timeline as someone spending 40 hours per week on their business with their kids in daycare. The mom-biz lifestyle provides less time to work and creates more distractions. Overcoming those obstacles defines successful mompreneurs, and it is what I help mom business owners do. Follow your time frame with sound guidance and prudent next steps.

3)     Recognize Impatience in Yourself and Others– It is hard for spouses and outsiders to understand where you are headed and what you need to arrive.  You must find supportive, inspirational role models, or the outside “impatience pressure” pushes you into overwhelm.

4)     Increase Your Positivity – It’s hard to advance in your business and attract clients when surrounded by negativity. Your negativity may come from skimping on self care, too much work and not enough play, others’ jealously, being misunderstood, too little or the wrong kind of support.  Spiritual materials or activities, recreation, entertainment, educational materials help counteract the negative messages with positive ones.

Action calms the seas of impatience….and strategic action leads you to your dream mom-biz life.

Catholic Mompreneur Biz and Life Tip:  Add your actual work hours and find ways to be more productive and  focused, keeping your eyes on your mom-biz dream life vision.

Christina Weber helps Catholic mompreneurs fully engage the power of their calling, earn more in less time, and get back to enjoying their families. If you need help to gain clarity on Gods’ will in your biz and personal life, create action plans to get there, and learn how to be motivated and equipped to juggle all the plates to make it happen, take advantage of getting one of ten slots of Christina’s complimentary “Getting It Done” session with Christina here for your rock-solid success foundation in 2014.

“You” are Your Catholic Mom Biz Competitive Advantage – Part 2

Woman with thumbs up In my previous post  I discussed the Catholic mompreneur’s competitive business advantages. Now I’ll expand on your competitive edge when you adopt  the Church’s view of  “you”  to guide your mom biz.

Of the four areas affecting your world view—faith, work, family, and self—  it is the “self” that either dives into or retreats from your entrepreneural endeavour.

And the “you” you are being in your business sets the tone for victory or defeat.

How you feel about yourself colors your interactions with others. It influences your business profitability. “Being” your best self attracts opportunities. When you aren’t, you repel them.

Barbara J. Winter, author of “Making a Living Without A Job” and “The Small Business Bible” asserts there is a strong  link between self-esteem and successful self-bossing. She encourages your attention, as self-esteem founds personal and professional goal achievement.

Barbara defines self-esteem as, “the high regard you have for yourself that begins to grow the moment that you give up wanting to be someone else and respect your own talents and temperament”.

Leaning in to the Church and her teachings increases your sense of personal dignity and meaning as a Catholic mompreneur.

The Catholic Church offers a consistent message across all ages, genders, races, etc. of the true dignity of the human person.

The Catholic Church does not ask you to set aside  your female organs to be a success. She embraces the fruitfulness of women and supports you in igniting your “feminine genius” without sacrificing what makes you whole and feminine.

Being a mother—whether a spiritual, natural, adoptive, foster, etc.—completes any woman.  People who listen to the  Church’s voice witness how she encourages a comprehensive woman’s development: emotional, intellectual, spiritual, relational.

In the  the protective walls of the Church’s teachings, particularly around sexuality, women are free and safe to have a healthy, high regard for self.

In business this translates into:

  • Stepping into uncomfortable areas to move to the next level.

  • Willingness to take risks.

  • Willingness to fail.

  • Asking others for what you want and need.

  • Increased thoughtfulness in interactions with clients and vendors

  • Gracious  and positive attitude rather than an entitlement approach

  • Thinking big and believing having what you want is possible.

  • Treating others with kindness and consideration

  • Better empathy with others allowing for creation of products and services that meet needs well

  • Commitment to customer service

  • Life-long learners

True self-esteem comes from respecting and living the truth about the human person.

The Catholic Church has consistently taught the dignity of the human persona and defended it in all stages.

When you have something, it’s often hard to appreciate it. It is easy to underestimate the positive effect Catholicism has had on your self-esteem.

And show me someone with a truly successful business and personal life with plummeting self-esteem. Even those who appear outwardly successful, if they are operating out of step with the truths about the human person, float in a leaky  boat  destined to sink.

Catholic Mompreneur Biz and Mom Tip:  Rate your self-esteem, or regard for self, on a scale of 1-10.  Pray and meditate on how the Church can help you regard yourself (and others) more.
Christina Weber helps Catholic mompreneurs fully engage the power of their calling, earn more in less time, and get back to enjoying their families. If you need help to gain clarity on Gods’ will in your biz and personal life, create action plans to get there, and learn how to be motivated and equipped to juggle all the plates to make it happen, take advantage of getting one of ten slots of Christina’s complimentary “Getting It Done” session with Christina here for your rock-solid success foundation in 2014.