Leading with Your Strengths (Part 1)

At a low point in my life I had a difficult time identifying things about me that were positive. I had a gentle, patient mentor who insisted that I go back to the drawing board until I could list several of my strengths.

I did finally come up with one–“Well, I stick with things. I don’t give up”.

Perseverance ended up being a phenomenal strength. Despite seeming outside failures in numerous instances, I can point to perseverance for helping me overcome great obstacles and reach unimagined heights.

Knowing your strengths and leveraging them is a key to rapid, positive change.

So last week I had to take a double-take before realizing God had given me a wonderful unexpected surprise. And I can trace it back to my old familiar friend: perseverance. I’ll explain this in the next blog.

Catholic Women’s Guide to Healthy Relationships: Ask three people close to you to list three of your strengths.