Sacred Marriage Revitalizer Mastermind Group

Are you completely committed to your marriage, but know it could be so much more than it is?

Do you love your husband, but sometimes don’t like him?

Do you not like yourself when you react instead of respond to your spouse or your kids?

Do you wish you had a more passionate, fulfilling relationship with your spouse, but don’t have a clue what to do next?

Do you get discouraged that your spouse doesn’t seem more motivated and enthusiastic about having a better relationship?

Do you easily shy away when your efforts don’t elicit the reply you had hoped?

Would you love to have the spark you once had with your husband, when life was less complicated?

Are you are ready to take action that delivers the LOVE, INTIMACY, PLAYFULNESS, and JOY you are yearning for?

Then you’ll be glad that the solution is here.

The Catholic Women’s Guide to Healthy Relationships presents

This hour-long mastermind tele-group meets on the 1st and 3rd Friday of each month at 12:30pm CST facilitated by Christina Weber, MS, Licensed Clinical Marriage and Family Therapist, and Catholic Coach.

Get the guidance, support, and accountability to take the love-building actions that will create a joy-filled marriage you can be proud of to help you:

  • Improve your communication
  • Boost your spiritual, emotional, and physical intimacy
  • Notch up the good times with laughter, smiles, closeness, and fun
  • Grow closer to God and to each other as you become the spouses God wants you to be
  • Be that model of a sacramental marriage for your neighbor, your kids, and your grandkids that keeps them attracted to and involved the beauty of the Catholic Church.

The Sacred Marriage Revitalizer Group begins June 7th.

Group Membership Benefits

  • Twice monthly mastermind calls with recording download.
  • Email access to Christina. 
  • Preview of all future coaching programs with first option to join.
  • 50% discount on roll-out of future group programs.

Pricing Details

6-month Commitment  —–> $200/month
(electronic invoice sent out 1st of the month)
10% discount for upfront payment on the 6-month mastermind course = $1080 instead of $1200


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Complete the survey below and pay the upfront payment for the first month ($200) to join the Mastermind Group.

(Please note that your application is subject for assessment. Once we’ve received your payment and reviewed your answers to the qualifying questionnaire below and if there are any issues that would prevent you for being in the group, we may contact you for clarification and will refund the amount paid if we can’t accept you in the group.)