The Catholic Women’s Guide to Overcoming Addictions and Attachments—Buy Now!

It’s hard to find someone who has not been affected by a loved one’s struggle with addiction or with unhealthy attachments (modern-day idolatry where things are put above God). It’s easy to feel overwhelmed, despaired, and frustrated knowing that our afflicted loved ones are unable to properly give and receive our love. Addictions and attachments elicit problems responding with charity.

This 3-CD set unmasks the challenges inherent in relationships of those who suffer from addictions and attachments. This series will also show you how to optimize your relationships with loved ones who have gone astray.


  • You will have a full understanding of addictions and attachments. You will learn how to deal with those by recognizing that certain behaviors and attitudes unintentionally prolong and worsen your loved one’s illness.
  • You will be guided to activate all the help you can receive from the Catholic Church.
  • You will experience peace knowing that you are doing everything you can to help those you love restore their good spiritual, emotional, and physical health.

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