Withdrawing My Nomination

My husband recently made a choice that hurt me.

And I withdrew his nomination as 2012 Husband of the Year.

And I wanted to withdraw much more.  But after a few days I did cool down. With time and space I gained a better perspective.  I could see God’s hand in the situation.  I realized I was going to be okay.  New options appeared. My anger was slowly dissipating. The future started to look bright again.

If truth be told, I wouldn’t fare too well in the 2012 Wife of the Year competition either.  So that’s where my energy needs to be.

Marriage is tough, but with God’s grace it’s not impossible to have a phenomenal relationship.  No matter what your personal circumstance is, by being grounded, embracing marriage indissolubility, and being open to grace and that next step, you can successfully traverse those bumps in the road in your lifetime journey with your spouse.

The Catholic Women’s Guide to Healthy Relationships Tip:  Don’t do anything harsh when you’re hurting.  Give it some time and some God, and it will work out.